Reclaim your Future from the Shadow of Alzheimer's

with Dr. Corinne Spencer

You don't want to get Alzheimer's disease.

You experienced it, saw it up close, and you would give anything for your children to not experience this heartache.

In searching for answers, you're overwhelmed by all the information for healthy brain aging and preventing Alzheimer's.

What do you do? Who do you trust? How do you sort through all the advice? 

Dr. Corinne Spencer bridges the gap between the latest science about Alzheimer's and practical, real life solutions.

She's an Ivy-league educated PhD neuroscientist and former genetics professor with 30 years of molecular neuroscience research experience. 

As a transformational health and life coach, Dr. Corinne supports and empowers you to take action and create lasting lifestyle changes, so you can be free from worry and fear about Alzheimer's and reclaim your future.

Alzheimer's disease starts developing 20-30 years before symptoms appear.

 When there's still no medical cure for Alzheimer's...


and it takes an average 17.5 years for new research findings to be put into common medical practice,


it doesn't make sense to wait for a "magic pill"


million Americans with Alzheimer's disease

1 in 3

seniors dies with Alzheimer's or another form of dementia


average cost of one month in a memory care facility in the United States

Start now with science-backed lifestyle shifts, such as better blood sugar

"Even slight elevations in blood sugar have been shown to increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease" - David Perlmutter, MD


M. got control of afternoon chocolate cravings, up-leveled her diet, had significantly less digestive distress and lost 5 pounds.

S. got her life back, going from mindless binge-eating and TV watching on the couch after work every night to fixing up her house, taking art classes and doing more of what she loved. A turning point was when her business received a special sweet treat and instead of eating it all by herself, she shared it with her employees...

After working together for 2 months, W. reported that she was now able to set up her own pill box for the week. And, she had left a carton of ice cream untouched in her freezer for 2 months!

Newly-diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, in just one weekend K. lowered his blood sugars enough for his doctor to cancel his costly insulin prescription.


3/6 MONTH   P R O G R A M
Learn how to invest wisely in your brain and mindset to create lasting habits for empowered aging.
Learn how to use a blood glucose meter and food combining to customize your food plan and get better blood sugar readings.
A   Q U O T E   F R O M   B U D D H A

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

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